I'm living the life my friends...mostly.  I have had quite a few NSVs lately.  Things that I thought would be really hard and close to impossible have been relatively easy.  I have found it pretty easy to make better food choices.  I have heard of people doing it, and I know it sounds a bit melodramatic but I never thought I would be able to say no to fattening delicious things and choose healthier things without being angry about it. I have!  The other day on the way home from work... a very dangerous time for me... I decided that I was going to have a cheeseburger.  I had the points and I really wanted one and I was starving. I pulled into Jack in the Box and when I did the Taco Cabana was looking at me right next door.  There was a sign about Cabana bowls and I thought... I could have a bowl with veggies and no shell and it would probably still be high points but a much better choice.  I pulled into TC and not JitB.  I ordered a bowl with black beans, lettuce, tomatoes, guac, taco meat, and little cheese, and a little sour cream. It was like 11 points but a ton of food and lots of protein and fiber and not nearly the carbs of a burger.  I couldn't even finish it.  I can't believe I did it.  I know to some that may sound ridiculous, but I never would have done it before.  I had eggs and fruit this morning with a piece of bacon and no biscuits and gravy, no cinnamon rolls and no soda or OJ.  I had 2 small pieces of chocolate but I was able to stop at that.  I don't know what this new thing that has come over me is... I don't recognize it.  Could it be WILL POWER?!?!  I have never had this in my life. I have to say it feels good... empowering.
BUT... on the flip side.  My exercise, well, not so much.  I have had a very hard time leaving the couch.  I know that I would feel so much better if I would just do it. I feel better after.  But it's been hard to overcome my laziness.  I have no excuse.  I just enjoy sitting.  So, my challenge this week is to GET OFF THE COUCH!!
I'll let you know how it goes!  I'm always open to suggestions.  I am new at this healthy stuff.

2/22/2013 10:20:41 am

So you love the couch...make it work for you! During each commercial find an exercise you can do while sitting that is effective. Straight leg raises, knee raises, arm lifts in various positions and if you look on you tube for chair exercises you will be surprised. I am non weight bearing for 8 weeks on a foot due to a running injury and I refuse to give in! Good luck with finding the exercises this week that you can do while sitting.


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