I really hate scales.  I know I shouldn't put much into them, but how can you not? It's the one way to measure how you are doing.  So, I have been without soda for 3 weeks.  I have been following a program consistently for 2 weeks.  I have exercised more than ever in my adult life. Please understand that I used to drink 2 at least RT 44 Vanilla Dr Peppers from Sonic every single day. I drank like 1200 calories plus the crappy food I ate. Like a sausage McGriddle most mornings and foot long subway sandwich or cheese enchiladas for lunch. I'd sneak a candy bar or 2 most days. Now I stick to my points and stay away from those things completely. I drink water.. lots of it and nothing else. I've lost 7lbs.  I can't break 300.  I know that is pretty decent weight loss, but damn! I guess old age really does slow it down.  I am so glad Chris isn't here doing it with me because he would already be down 20lbs and I would quit.  That's my pattern.  But no longer!  I will keep on trudging on and I will beat this!! I'm gonna win this win this freaking DietBet and I am going to break 300lbs then I'm getting rid of the scale and will only weigh at WW. I CANNOT base my success on a scale.  Ok.. that is all.
2/17/2013 09:15:22 am

Keep going. You'll get there. :-)


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