I went to the freaking gym today.  I have decided that as much as I detest early morning waking, I enjoy the gym more then than after work. I was dragging today.  My cute little 12 year old trainer (not really, but he might as well be. LOL He's probably 22) was there cheering me on. He's great...just young and fit and annoyingly cute and happy.  sigh... My food choices have been ok... no soda though I desperately wanted one.  I had a sandwich for lunch and salad for dinner.  Not getting enough protein and my diet has too much fat and carbs.  I have an appointment with an exercise physiologist and nutritionist next month.  I am hoping to learn something good from them.  I did have a peep...not gonna lie.  But just one cute little yellow one.  I'm sitting here thinking about the candy bar on the kitchen table...the kids wouldn't miss it.  I am determined to refrain.  Why do you crave sugar so badly after you eat a meal? Or is it just me???
I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to the simple things about not being so damn fat.  I have broken a rolling chair at work due to my fat butt sitting in it.  I have to get on an airplane in a couple of weeks...gonna have to ask for a seatbelt extender. SOOOOO embarrassing... not to mention the look on people's face when they see they have to sit by me. I feel it sometimes too when I clean people's teeth.  They hate to have to be so close to so much of me.  And I am always so freaking hot!!!!!  I am a walking sweatshop. I just want to be a healthy somewhat normal size person.  So, no scale right now.  Just doing the work and knowing that I am going to feel better.  Thanks for coming along on this journey.  I sooo needed a good day today. I am going to have one tomorrow too! 
4/10/2012 11:52:16

Good start I think when Ron is away I will do a modified high protien.


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