Well, it's been over 2 weeks since I started my new life and DietBet and Weight Watchers. How am I doing you ask? I know you didn't really ask, but you're reading this so obviously you're dying to know.  Well, I'm proud to say, I think it's sticking!!! I have not had a soda in close to 3 weeks... NONE!! Eno at Sonic probably thinks I've died. I pretty much have drank water and sparkling water. I saved my points for beer a couple of nights. I had a nonfat latte tonight but again... I had to points.  I have not had more than a taste of refined sugar and I have stayed within my points. And I honestly, for real, not lying, feel great!!  I feel empowered, I feel more energy, confidence and will power!! Is it hard? Heck yeah, but not nearly as hard as I thought. Do I miss some things... Oh yeah! But, I know that food is an addiction and a VERY slippery slope for me so at this point, I have to avoid things that could send me down that slope.
Have I exercised? Why yes, yes I have.  I don't do the gym.  It's just not my thing right now, but maybe it will be someday.  I am walking and actually running.  Just a bit, but I am doing it and it's hard and uncomfortable, but it feels good to do it and I can move more already just from a few days of getting off the damn couch.  I do so love the couch, but I need to get off it more often. I am planning to do a 5k sometime in June for sure, maybe sooner and I would like to run at least half of it.  That's my goal.  But what is my weight goal you ask? Well, I don't really have one.  I can't focus on the scale.  I have to weigh in for WW, but I am trying to keep that away from my focus.  I have a goal of fitting on a ride at Six Flags, and not using a seatbelt extender on a plane and shopping in a regular store.  My goal is to LIVE and not be a prisoner of my weight.  To be an example of health, courage, self-control, overcoming, and the hardest... patience.  I know it's only been 3 weeks, but I can see my journey ahead, you know picture it in my head.  Once I can do that, I know I will get there.  So, look out... there is a skinny bitch in here that's breaking out...one good choice at a time!.

2/15/2013 11:00:08 pm

Yeah!! Way to go, Shay!! We are so proud!

2/16/2013 12:10:57 am

I'm so proud of you, Shay! We should get together and go for some walks in the neighborhood sometime....Keep your eyes straight ahead and always keep moving forward!


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