Wow. I have come a long way in a few weeks.  I'm not bragging, just stating a fact.  I really mean more of my attitude than anything.  I have NEVER enjoyed exercise.  It's seemed like the worst punishment ever. But now, I look forward to it and want to push myself and set goals for myself. Me, fitness goals...who'd a thunk it??
So, my goals are to keep doing what I am doing and do a 5k once a month.  Hopefully by the end of 6 months I will be able to run them.  Right now just finishing one is my goal.  In the summer I don't think they do a lot of them, so I may have to come up with an alternative for it.  My good friend Julie is helping me find appropriate runs for not too crowded, plenty of walkers, etc.  The big one that I am super stoked about is the Biggest Loser Trail and Mud Run on May 18th out in Burnet. It's gonna kick my ass I am sure.  There's a wall to climb.  Thank God it's optional for the fatties!!  The course is full of obstacles and hills but I am going to do it! My friend Amy from ATX100 is doing it with me and so is my son, Harrison because it happens on his 15th birthday!  My friends have been so great and supportive while I am making these changes.  I couldn't have even begun without them. 
After this goal is met, my next one is a half-marathon next Spring.  Not sure which one, but I want to do it and run most of it.  Isn't it exciting?!?  I know, I know... I promise my body has not been possessed by a fitness freak. LOL
Now my eating has been a little umm... shall we say...dodgy. I have slipped a little on the carbs... namely cerealy.  I love cereal and have allowed myself to eat way too much of it. I know that I have to stay away from such things. My tracking has been bad as well, so I am getting back on "track" tonight and tomorrow.
I reckon that is all for now, not much exciting or valuable insights, but just putting goals in writing help, right?

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