Carbs are killer

4/13/2012 19:26:17

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Carbs... I love them... all forms of them. Bread, pasta, potatoes, SUGAR!  They all are the hardest part of this journey. Today's demon took the form of pasta and bread.  I really meant to have a salad.  They brought it to the table all warm and delicious aroma wafting from the basket.  I can't say no... or I won't...yet!  So, food choices today were not great, but NO SODA!!  Yay Shay!!!  But really, how could I have a soda after reading the little tidbit Susan Rives posted on my wall.  It hurts me.  My feelings for soda are so strong.  It is my heroin.  I have to decide every hour that I am quitting it.  So little victory there with soda today.
Another one was the gym!!!!! I went at an ungodly hour this morning. I did cardio today.  I did a 5 minute warmup on the bike then got on the treadmill.  I made the mistake of hitting quickstart on the control and after a few minutes it was killing me.  I couldn't remember it being so bad last time.  I trudged along and got to 11 minutes and my heart rate was through the roof.  So, I stopped... then I looked at the incline and it was on 7!  No wonder I was dying.  So, I am feeling pretty darn proud that I did 11 minutes.  Anyway, after work we had a carnival at the kids school.  The school is seriously in my backyard, but the prob is there no way to get to it without going around... normally this fat girl drives! But today, I decided on my own to WALK to the carnival and back and I did!  I made it without having to stop.  I was so freaking proud.  I realize to most of you this is nothing... and honestly the walking wasn't bad at all.  BUT my CHOICE to do it was huge for me.  I will take these little victories where I can get them. 
4/13/2012 18:41:55

awesome!! i am so proud of you! i want you to know that you have inspired me to do better myself. we share the same demons. and now that trever has to work harder at his own food choices, we are pretty much all in this as a family. we've all started drinking water with the meals and this morning i did a protein shake. and just so you know, drinking water is huge for me. i rarely ever drink it because it might get into my mouth! lol ... having the reverse osmosis here at the new place has helped some but not as much as i was hoping it would. nobody likes change but sometimes it truly is for the best!


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