OK, it's the Monday after Easter, I'm home with the kids and I am supposed to be super motivated...I'm not feeling it. My fridge is out and I needed to fix some breakfast.  I used that as an excuse to run and get the kids something...pigs and donuts. I know that was a bad choice. I could have gone to Subway and got a low cal egg white sandwich.  Nope... not my choice.  I almost got out of there without getting myself something... but then I saw the apple fritters. DAMN YOU APPLE FRITTERS!!  So, the really ironic thing is that the donut place is literally next door to my gym.  I parked right in front of my gym door to go into the donut place.  It didn't stop me.  This is why I want to try hypnosis. I need to get this food choice thing under control. As soon as the repair guy leaves I am going to the gym.  That should motivate me.  Writing apple fritter down in my food journal should too.  My goal is to not succumb to soda today.  I can do this.  I am going to conquer this!!
4/9/2012 11:33:30 am

Good for you for being honest, it's the first step and I think hypnosis is a FABULOUS idea! So proud of you! I hope when you get back to Idaho you are a healthy HOT chick! <3


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