Wow.. haven't blogged in awhile. My bad.  I actually have done some pretty cool things!! I finished my first 5k and didn't come in last! I have run hills and intervals. My exercise was going great.  Then my "arch" nemesis reared it's ugly head! Plantar fasciitis...get the little play on words there? I have toughed it out and have some orthotics on the way, but it hurts. I shall overcome this.  I have a lot of 5ks I want to do and I ain't letting it stop me.
My eating is another story... man am I struggling. Food for me is such a slippery slope.  One carb leads to 3 carbs leads to 100.  Sugar and bread...they call to me and torment me and my will power is WEAK!!  I have a dietbet I started with the Anti-Jared that ends the first week and in May... I lost the last one and I cannot lose again.  I have stopped tracking. I think that's it.  I don't write down the gummy bear I snuck from the kids or the Cadbury Egg I swiped from an Easter basket.  It's getting out of control and I have GOT to summon my will power back.  I can't eat sugar.  It gets in my system and won't leave me alone.  So, back to tracking... back to very few carbs...back to losing.  I so wish I could run it all off, but I can't.  It's a healthy LIFESTYLE, not a see how many 5ks you can do a month.  I can do this.
On a funnier note... I am getting a bicycle. Yep. It's a cruiser.  I haven't been on a bicycle in over 20 years.  I don't own a helmet, but I am not getting on a bike without one...I know it's like riding a bike but I weighed 200lbs less last time I rode a bike! I am petrified, but I need options that don't reek havoc on my feet.  So, if I call you from the ER, come get me.
The bottom line is, I could give you excuses all day long. I even have some great ones. But excuses don't move the scale and don't give me back years on my life.  Hard work and perseverance do.  I am going to do just that...PERSEVERE!
Brenda Howell
4/11/2013 22:30:26

You will get through this we are all here for you and you have a great support group. I have the same problem with carbs, the sugar thing kills me. Once on the lips forever the head goes straight in to the bag and I can't stop and then the lbs are forever on the hips. The bike is coming.


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