Well,I have run about 4 times now, maybe 5. It's getting better, but man, when I started I seriously thought I might die. I started out ( still do) by walking briskly for a couple of minutes to warm up and loosen up. Now, remember I am a 41 year old couch potato, I literally have not run or jogged or walked fast in YEARS! So I pick up my feet to run and they feel like 3 cinder blocks are attached to each foot... like they are being pulled down by some evil force keeping me from moving.  It was the strangest feeling.  But, I kept on and I ran maybe 25 yards...when I stopped my heart was pounding like I had been running from 10 foot spiders. It scared me. So, I didn't run again till by heart calmed down some.  The next run interval was a bit downhill and didn't feel as bad and my feet felt considerably lighter. I warmed down after that by walking the last few minutes.  Then while walking inside I realized my foot/ankle was hurting.  I took my shoe off and the right side of my foot was swollen already. I iced it and listened to Chris lecture me about not starting so fast and losing weight before I try to run.  I didn't listen much... I have seen lots of 400lb+ people on different blogs talk about doing this and I am too.
The next time I walk/ran which was a few days later, it was a lot easier.  My feet haven't felt like cinder blocks again.  It didn't get my heart rate up quite so much. I also doubled the amount of running I did by shortening the time between running intervals. I also added a cul de sac to my running path.  Now every time I do it I run a bit more and add a little distance... a short street, a culdesac, or something like that. I realized this past week that I seem looser all the way around... like my muscles don't hurt as much when I get up or I just seem to move easier.  I also don't seem as tired during the day.  It could be diet related more, but I think it's a little of both. I never thought I would say this, but I feel more energized and I kinda get why people get addicted to running.  With the tiny bit I've done, I feel the high a little.
So, now I have to confess that I am only walk/running about 20 minutes... maybe even less.  But it's getting a little longer each session.  I am going to try to commit to doing it at least every other day.  Right now it's kind of whenever I have time.
There you go... I hope this might help someone get off the couch and out of fear of pain or failing or even death and TRY! I totally had all those fears and still do.  I haven't bought a sports bra yet because I am afraid I won't keep it up and it will be a waste.  I'm ordering one right now!
2/16/2013 04:48:13

So proud of you. The biggest hurdle is getting up and doing it. Keep it up!!!!

2/16/2013 08:58:04

Hi! Love this! And isn't awesome how it doesn't take much to feel the difference? Yay! I hope you will change the name of your blog to this "awesome hardworking funny smart girl's journey to health." Cuz there is so much more to you than fat.


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