Other than winning $100 today on scratch-offs, today was not my best day.  Didn't make it to the gym and my food choices well... this calls for a story.  Maybe you will see what a crackhead I am about food.  I was running late this morning...woke up 15 minutes before I had to leave.  So, no breakfast. I pulled into McDs and got a sausage biscuit.  So not cool, but wait there's more.  I am tired so I use that as an excuse to get a freaking SODA!! I work until 2pm with no lunch and have errands to run so I am starving.  When errands are done, instead of going home and having a sandwich or even stopping to get a salad, I start craving, you won't believe this, a freaking Hostess Zinger.  So, I pull into a convenience store to get a zinger...yes, a zinger.  While checking out telling the clerk that I picked up a snack for the kids (No, I'm not unhealthy at all) I see the scratch offs there at the counter and decide...what the hell... and there it is.  For cheating and sneaking, I win $100!! How's that for positive reinforcement?!
I think that there is a little bit of reason behind my crazy behavior today.  It makes no sense, but here it is.  My last patient today was a mean nasty woman.  She came in with an attitude, adjusted my blinds, turned off the tv in the room with a scowl.  She also refused xrays and would not allow me to lean back her chair back... those of you who are hygienists, know the kind of patient I'm talking about.  So, when you can't lean a patient back it is very hard to get to their mouth to actually clean the teeth.  I was leaning against her due to this fact and I said to her that it's difficult to access her mouth this way and I needed her to turn more towards me...suddenly she realized I am touching her with my fat and she jumps away from me and grunts like I'm the most disgusting thing she's ever seen.  I then decide to do her cleaning standing up and try to avoid touching her.  It was humiliating and hurtful, I'm not gonna lie.  Here's the really ironic part...when the doctor got in there for her exam she couldn't wait to tell him about her new book she's just had published... a book about the LOVE OF JESUS!!  Go figure... and we wonder why people hate Christians!!  Sorry... I digress... total my intake of soda was 3 large dr peppers today.  Sushi for dinner that wasn't too bad, but I feel awful.  Hitting the gym with my trainer tomorrow at 8:30. NO EXCUSES!!  So, thanks for reading my pity party.  Back on the wagon tomorrow. At least a got a hundred bucks outta the day.
Oh, and RIP Dick Clark... he was never fat.
Colbi Bruce

This type of person is just RELIGIOUS...not a christian in my opinion. Saw you working out your guns with my trainer Justin. Your doing good girl, keep it up!


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