Due to some really great people in my life, I have the opportunity to be a personal trainer's "project" for the world to watch transform from fat momma to hot mama!  So, yesterday I met my new best friend and arch nemesis Amy Palmisano. < that's her. Isn't she cute? She doesn't even look like the demon she is. LOL
We started today with a fitness test...yes a test and I FAILED sit-ups! Couldn't do a single damned one!  On a more awesome note... I did 10 push ups!!  We measured me and found target heart rate and cool stuff like that.  I thought, "Well, we'll probably just do a light little workout since it's the first day"  WRONG!!  She's like that teacher who actually teaches on the first day of school. Oh, and she called it a "light" workout. 
We started on the elliptical. It's not my favorite toy at the gym. I guess I ain't got rhythm because I just feel off on that thing, but I did 5 minutes on it.  NEVER done that!  We did 2 rounds of lifting and wall sits and stuff.  I thought I was doing pretty great... then I woke up this morning.  Did you know that you use abdominal muscles to push a button on the wall?  I know that now...

See, you can see the demon in her here... LOL.  No really she's absolutely awesome.  I've only ever worked with one other trainer who was my free consult at the gym I signed up for and he was super hot so I really don't know what he said. She is very encouraging but not in a cheezy way and knew how to get more out of me than I thought I had in me. I am so excited to take her along in this journey of mine.  I'll keep every one posted!  Going to google "should I ice my abs" before I go to bed...night.

4/19/2013 01:03:29 am

I am so PROUD of you.

4/19/2013 02:19:00 am

Wall sits are the devil!!

4/19/2013 02:20:28 am

Awesome next step up in your journey to fitness!! You are such a great motivator!! ( I dont know about ice but theragesic or arnica cream makes a great friend!!)


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