I failed again with the soda. I am so angry that I can't have them.  I went without (mostly:() for 40 days, but after all that time I "treated myself" to one yesterday, then one turned into 3 and I'm hooked again.  I made better food choices today.  That's something, right? I had carrots dipped in low fat blue cheese for dinner. No peeps today. I did have a Cadbury egg though. Thanks Easter bunny you demon!!!  It's sugar... I crave it. I don't understand how I make these choices.  I know what I need to do. I can feel it more than ever before, but then I get so damn pissed off that I can't have the things I want. Anyway, so I had to confess.  While I'm confessing, I didn't go to the gym either.  No excuse.  Just didn't .  So, before work I am going. I can't let this go. Slowly, but surely, even if it's 1 step forward and 2 steps back, I will get this done.  Looking forward to my session with the hypnotist this week. Ok... enough.  I appreciate those who read this putting up with my whining and ranting.  Good night!!
4/9/2012 12:33:31 pm

Good for you! I love this idea! Keep this blog up and keep being brutally honest! Fighting any addiction is not easy and can't be done alone. This will help you and others who read this. I admire your courage!

4/9/2012 12:55:14 pm

I feel ya on the DP. I swear I drink 5 or six a day after my cup or two of coffee. I think I'm addicted to the bubbles but then when I'm drinking my club soda with fresh squeezed lemon in it after a few days, I want the DP again. Finding all your triggers will be a huge step in finding why you make your choices. If it's a tough fight, the victory will be so much sweeter in the long run.


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